With a population more than 80 million and a land enriched with petroleum, gas and other natural resources and the need of development according to the 20 years viewpoint act, It is very important for Islamic republic of Iran to attract foreign investment. Ever since 1979, Islamic revolution, the Imposed war which lasted for 8 years and the sanctions against Iran made it very difficult to attract foreign investment so it is less than other countries in the Middle East however even during the sanction period, elements like numerous high efficiency investment chances and young educated population made it impossible for investment to lose its magnitude and bold risk averse investors could achieve proper revenue from this vast and intact market  before and after Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) However right now in post JCPOA period and new conditions the arrival of international investors is the result of passing time ,gaining trust and solving banking difficulties between Iran and other countries and there are so much hopes and efforts to lay modern groundwork in the mentioned field.

Other considerable investment opportunities in Iran are: the existing potentials in free or special trade zones, Islamic republic of Iran plans and projects to absorb foreign investors directly, special areas of green and renewable energies, automobile manufacturing industry, producing automobile spare parts, tourism industry, medical centers, special areas for cultivation, petrochemical industry and etc. But it seems that foreign investment absorbing in Iran had a declining process during the previous years and reached 2050 million dollars in 2015. In 2016 with a 67 percent increase, the amount reached 3372 million dollars. According to UNCTAD reports the foreign investment absorbing in 2013 and 2014 were 3050 and 2105 million dollars respectfully. On the other hand, there was no foreign investment as merger and acquisitions in 2016 comparing to other years. In 2015, Iran had 120 million dollars Green field investment which increased significantly in 2016 to 1083 million dollars.

In the Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran report the first priorities of investment in processes like exploring and extracting metallic and none metallic minerals and metal production has been mentioned. On the other hand, the Chamber of Commerce mine commission chairman believes that 250 billion dollars foreign resources would absorb in the mine section during the sixth development plan considering 700 million ton mineral material production until 2026. But according to declared statements about approved foreign investment in industry and mine section, the foreign investment project during 2012 to 2017 in industry and mine section respectfully were 1597, 2260, 1102, 715, 2858 million dollars and 5061 million dollars in 2017. According to Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade statement the ministry had the maximum foreign investment in 2017 and minimum foreign investment in 2015.

With all said, it seems that there is a great scale of development opportunities ahead of foreign investment processes in the country which is waiting to define, justify ,lay the groundwork, building confidence and resource transfer. One of the main and inspiring elements to establish Raman Financial Group is to facilitate the mentioned processes.